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Fry and Welch Services

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Architectural Services

Toáfamiliarize yourself with the types of services that we offer, below are descriptions of the Architectural services.á For more information please contact us at Generic buspirone costá

louiks_houseFry & Welch Associates, P.C.áis a not for profit, faith-based organization that provides Architectural, construction and consultation services to organizations and the general public. Fry & Welch Associates is primarily focused on supporting ministries with said services in order to help enable these ministries to better accomplish their goals of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.á In addition, Fry & Welch Associates provides Architectural services to victims of natural disasters and others that are disadvantaged in order to help improve their quality of life.á To those with very limited resources, Fry & Welch Associates provides such services well below market rate.

Architecture:á Service A
Fry & Welch provides full design services including Concept Design, Feasibilities Studies,á Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents and Construction Administration.á In addition, we provide Permit Expeditors as well as liaison between you and the various government agencies.á We have the capability of documenting your existing building and providing As-built or Existing Conditions drawings.á Fry & Welch also provides Facility Assessment services, making sure that all aspects of your existing building are functioning well.á This includes ADA upgrades for those that are wheelchair-bound, having visual ar hearing visual or hearing impairments or other physical limitations.á We will assess your facility and makes sure a plan is in place that will allow all people to approach the building, enter the building, move through the building, engage at all types of spaces and building functions/features as well as enjoy the events within the building.á

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