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About Us  

At Fry & Welch we look forward to the people that we encounter.  When we are commissioned to do a project or when we move to assist those with issues on their minds, we do so knowing that it is a privilege to be of assistance.  Each project and each person is more than a number, more than a name.  Ministering through Architecture and counseling is not about the money or the fame – all that has its place.  Our commitment to excellence in service is about the honor of being a blessing.  As such, each person here, with their unique and varied skill sets, are poised to offer you the best Architectural and counseling service possible.

What Drives Us:  Fry & Welch is motivated by compassion for other people, a desire to please God and the satisfaction received when we join forces with others to help make someone’s God-given dreams a reality.  We like design and construction.  But it would be unrewarding if there was no purpose behind it.  When an individual’s life is positively impacted, when we know that others will benefit from what is provided, when we can leave a lasting imprint on earth, we know we are doing the right thing.  Regardless of whether it is a 1,000 seat sanctuary or a small eatery, we believe that at the end of the day we will have put our skills, talents and abilities to the best use possible.   

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