Fry & Welch Associates, P.C. is a faith-based organization with a two-prong approach toá
changing lives.  Relative to the building landscape, Fry and Welch provides Architectural, constructioná
and consultation services to organizations and the general public.áRelative to the mental landscape,á
Fry and Welch helps to rebuild and restore mental well-being through single and group consultations.

In addition to providing services to the community, Fry & Welch Associates, P.C. provides emergency
Architectural and mental health services to victimsáof natural disasters that are disadvantaged in orderá
to help improve their quality of life.á To those withávery limited resources, Fry & Welch provides suchá
services well below market rate.

For more information on healthcare, visit the  Is nifedipine a generic drug

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