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Fry and Welch's approach to acquiring clients is prayer and word of mouth. We do not have an extensive marketing campaign or business development plan.  We feel that if we do what is right, God will reward us with more opportunities to do what’s right.  Part of that right is treating each client with the respect and commitment they deserve – whether they desire a kitchen expansion or a new sanctuary.   The relationship that we build with each client is very important to us.  The trust we develop gives them the confidence to share their dreams and God’s vision. 

There are two kinds of clients – Ones who know and ones who don’t know.  For the ones that know, our job is to provide them with enough information to make a sound decision.  For those who don’t know, our job is to educate and then give enough information to make a sound decision.

Architecture is a service industry.  As a support ministry, we must always respect our clients and remember that we are here to serve at their pleasure. 

“I am thoroughly impressed with your professionalism and the passion you have for doing what God has called you to do.” – Jerome Garland, Pastor (New Sanctuary)

“God sends the right people for the right job and you are definitely the right people”.  – Dr. Marcus Williams (New Restaurant)

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